The Antwerp Kempen region, the most amazing place on the world map

Is the Antwerp Kempen region the most amazing place on the world map? Absolutely. The Kempen region will completely throw you off course.

You can cycle along picturesque canals, walk through purple heathland or dive into ancient forests.

Canoe on the purest water in Flanders, spend a day sunbathing on a bright white beach or dive to an underwater museum.

Follow in Pallieter’s trakcs by car, gallop your horse through beautiful drives or enjoy a breathtaking ride on your mountain bike. Try out the most exciting attractions or treat your body to a full pampering session.

Or, even better, opt for a camping holiday with a mix of all this fun.

Would you like to order a cycling junction map or a hiking map? One address for all your questions about the Kempen region:

Things to Do & Visit

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Places to Visit

De Liereman Nature Reserve

In the middle of the Kempen region, between Oud-Turnhout and Arendonk, you will find Landscape De Liereman with the fragrant…

  • Liereman Natuurreservaat
  • B-2360
  • Oud-Turnhout

Tongerlo Abbey

At the request of Lord Giselbert, a wealthy landlord, some norbertines from St Michael’s Abbey of Antwerp came to settle…

  • Abdijstraat 40
  • B-2260
  • Tongerlo

Westmalle Abbey

Since its foundation in 1794, the Abbey of Our Lady of the Sacred Heart of Westmalle has been part of…

  • Antwerpsesteenweg 496
  • B-2390
  • Malle

Kalmthoutse Heide

Located on the border with the Netherlands, the Kalmthoutse Heide is one of the oldest and largest nature reserves in…

  • Putsesteenweg 129
  • B-2920
  • Kalmthout

The Sleeping Giant

How can the Kempense Heuvelrug be further developed as a top attraction in the Kempen region without damaging the landscape…

  • Goorseweg 5
  • B-2460
  • Kasterlee


Hidrodoe is an educational centre dedicated to water and is located in Herentals, Belgium. It is designed as an interactive…

  • Haanheuvel 7
  • B-2200
  • Herentals

Postel Abbey

Hidden deep in the serene, green plains of the Belgian Kempen region is an oasis of peace and history –…

  • Abdijlaan 16
  • B-2400
  • Mol

Tourist Tower

High, higher, highest For more than half a century, the Tourist Tower has stood at the highest point of Herentals….

  • Heistraat
  • B-2200
  • Herentals

Merksplas Kolonie

Merksplas Colony and Wortel Colony are historical sites in Belgium that are part of the former Belgian penal colony system….

  • Kapelstraat 10
  • B-2330
  • Merksplas

Pakawi Park Zoo

Let the magnificent Pakawi Park Zoo in Olmen surprise you. A place where the fascinating world of animals comes alive…

  • Bukenberg 45
  • B-2493
  • Balen


The origin of Bobbejaanland lies in the musical career of singer-guitarist Bobbejaan Schoepen, who was looking for a permanent home…

  • Olensteenweg 45
  • B-2460
  • Lichtaart
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