Westmalle Abbey

Since its foundation in 1794, the Abbey of Our Lady of the Sacred Heart of Westmalle has been part of the Order of Cistercians or Trappists after the French abbey of La Trappe . Since the late 18th century, monks here have devoted themselves to a life in community of prayer and labour.

What are the Westmalle beers?

Three types of beer are brewed within the walls of Westmalle Trappist Abbey:

The Tripel and Dubbel are for sale in the better shops or catering businesses in Belgium and the Netherlands. Westmalle’s Trappist beers are also available worldwide at selected locations. But the Extra is only brewed twice a year and is only intended for internal consumption. After all, the monks and their guests only drink this beer at lunch.

More into exploring nature?

Come an have a stroll outside the walls of the Trappist abbey. There is even an abbey cycle route (internal link) that passes this abbey and  was voted the most beautiful route in Flanders! On top of this, there’s no better place to end your visit than at Café Trappisten, where you can taste our Extra, Dubbel and Tripel. With our Westmalle cheeses on special offer.

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