Postel Abbey

Hidden deep in the serene, green plains of the Belgian Kempen region is an oasis of peace and history – Postel Abbey. This centuries-old treasure of spiritual devotion and architectural splendour invites you to escape from the hustle and bustle of the world and take a step back in time.

Upon arrival at Postel Abbey, you will be welcomed by the impressive abbey church, a masterpiece of Gothic architecture. This majestic building, with its imposing towers and beautiful stained-glass windows, is a model of craftsmanship and is a peaceful place for contemplation and prayer. Inside, you can feel the serene atmosphere as soft light floats in through the windows.

Various activities for young and old

A visit to Postel Abbey means more than just admiring the splendid architecture. You can also take part in unique activities there. Explore the abbey’s rich history in the abbey library, where old manuscripts and works of art are on display. You can even join a guided tour to learn more about monastic life and the traditions cherished here.

The Abbey shop is a true paradise for artisan lovers. Here you can buy local cheeses, beers, liqueurs and souvenirs, all made by the monks themselves. Sample the delicious abbey cheese or take away a bottle of Postel beer as a souvenir of your visit.

For those who enjoy quiet walks and the splendour of nature, the abbey’s herb gardens and surrounding forests are an inviting destination. Stroll along the paths, listen to birdsong and take time to unwind in the shade of centuries-old trees.


– Abbey shop open Tuesday to Sunday: 09:00 to 17:00

– Abdijlaan 8, 2400 Mol

– More information? Postel Abby website


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