Hidrodoe is an educational centre dedicated to water and is located in Herentals, Belgium. It is designed as an interactive and educational attraction, aimed at making children aware of the essence of water and its role in our daily lives.

Some of the activities at Hidrodoe:

1. Interactive Exhibitions:

Hidrodoe offers several interactive exhibits where visitors can discover how water sources work, understand the water cycle process, understand water consumption and learn about water conservation.

2. Water experiments:

Visitors can participate in various experiments and activities related to water. These range from studying the properties of water to experiencing scientific phenomena related to water.

3. Outdoor activities:

The centre also has outdoor areas with water-related activities, such as fountains and play areas.

4. Workshops and Educational Programmes:

Hidrodoe organises workshops and educational programmes, speficially for schools and groups, to delve deeper into specific aspects of water education.

5. Play areas:

Besides educational elements, Hidrodoe offers opportunities for recreation, such as play zones with water-related play equipment..

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– Open Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and Sunday from 9:30 to 17:00.

– Haanheuvel 7, 2200 Herentals

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