The Sleeping Giant

How can the Kempense Heuvelrug be further developed as a top attraction in the Kempen region without damaging the landscape and valubale heritage? Even more, how can we promote sustainable tourism based on the uniqueness and distinctiveness of the area, ensuring a unique experience for future generations, while preserving this special landscape?

Based on this ambition, the Province of Antwerp, Province of Antwerp Tourism, Regional Landscape Kleine en Grote Nete and the municipality of Kasterlee put their backs into the ‘Sleeping Giant’ project. An innovative concept that should result in strong tourist products and a great welcome. The landscape is always the main source of inspiration.

In the pipeline sits a walk on the theme of ‘sand’, a challenging game with forest dwellers, a quest for The Sleeping Giant, a viewpoint at the highest point of the Hoge Mouw, better reception infrastructure and several special resting points … In the coming years, we also want to focus strongly on landscaping within this area and focus on the most striking elements by means of subtle landscape art. On the right, under ‘downloads’, you can view the existing infrastructure and check out what the plans are for the future.

Thanks to the support of Tourism Flanders and Platteland Plus, we can together guarantee the future of the Kempense Heuvelrug between Kasterlee and Lichtaart.

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Find a campsite