Taste the season: the Kempen's regional products

Food and drink straight from the land. Where else would you find that? In the Kempen region, of course! Every season has its own flavours. Fancy a taste of autumn? Come to the Kempen region.

Wine and beer of world renown

In the Kempen region, we enjoy life. A good meal with a nice glass of beer or wine is what makes us happy. As you can guess, we prefer to make our own beer and wine with local ingredients. For example, at the abbey of Westmalle, a world-renowned brewery. And the brothers there are quite a busy bunch, as in addition to a delicious Trappist they also make tasty abbey cheese.

And did you know that there are many more regional beers to taste in the Kempen? Many of our campsites offer beers brewed in their own village or town. And in Ten Kapittelberg you can taste local wines. This wine estate is also beautifully located among the hills of Herselt.


On culinary expedition: visit the farms

The hoeves, or farms, are the culinary heart of the Kempen region. From fresh abbey bread to delicious apple cider, the farmers are sure to surprise you with delicious flavours time and again. So while visiting the Kempen, don’t forget to stop at one or more farms to stock up on some artisan produce.

You definitely don’t want to miss these farms:

  • Saffron farm in Herentals: discover how saffron grows and taste special products such as saffron mayonnaise, vinegar and saffron vinegar. And because the saffron crocus is an autumn bloomer, a visit to this farm is especially recommended in autumn.
  • Boomgaard Appelen Roes in Herentals: here the apples, pears and cherries are fresher than fresh. They are picked at exactly the right time, when the flavour is at its best, and it definitely shows. Besides fruit the farm also sells apple juice, syrups, jams and honey.
  • Abbey shop of Postel in Mol: the Norbertine abbey of Postel makes beer, abbey bread, cheeses, herbs …There is also an outdoor seating area where you can enjoy all these delicacies, with a view of the abbey.
  • Liers Vlaaike in Lier: the Liers Vlaaike is a speciality they are rightly proud of in Lier. This spicy pastry has a filling of candy syrup, milk, breadcrumbs and four spices. The recipe is protected, so you can only buy them from a genuine Lierse baker.
  • Biofarm de Kijfelaar in Herentals: the farm shop of this biofarm has a wide range of products. Fresh vegetables, artisan cheeses, meats, juices, jams … here you will find everything your heart desires.

Photo: Mie De Backer © Toerisme Provincie Antwerpen

Honey fresh from the beekeeper

The Kempen, that’s the land of milk and honey. In the region, you will find many passionate beekeepers who love to let you taste their honey. Appelen Roes makes apple blossom honey, ‘t Heuninghof makes fresh honey ice cream and beekeepers’ association de Rosse Bie organises an annual bees market.

Snacking on local produce

The busy bees in the province of Antwerp together produce no less than 250 farm and regional products. Want to sample some of these delicacies? Then be sure to stop by goat farm Polle in Kasterleeor Mokapi in Laakdal.

The farm shop of Polle goat farm not only sells home-made cheeses, yoghurt, milk and ice cream, you can also take a tour of the farm. That’s 600 cute little goats waiting for you!

Photo: Mie De Backer © Toerisme Provincie Antwerpen

While Mokapi has a very different speciality: coffee. In the tasting room, you can discover the different flavours. Want to know more about the coffee bean? The owners are happy to give you a tour.

Come and taste the Kempen

You won’t get enough of the taste of the Kempen any time soon. So feel free to plan a few days or weeks to unwind and enjoy. One of the convivial campsites in the Kempen will be happy to welcome you!

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